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About Our Timber Frame Home Company

Fleming Homes has a long standing presence within the UK timber frame construction industry. For over 25 years we have designed, manufactured and supplied quality timber frame homes to self-builders throughout the UK and abroad. To find out more about us, please click on the links below.

History of Fleming Timber Frame Homes

Fleming Homes has a long standing presence within the UK timber frame construction industry. Timber frame products have been designed and manufactured from the current premises in Berwickshire for nearly 40 years, giving the Company a firm identity within the industry based on experience, reputation and solid industry networks. Fleming Homes Ltd. was established in 1986, when local businessman Thomas Fleming invested in timber frame manufacturing company Clanwood Homes.

Our Bespoke Timber Frame Homes UK Team

We believe that it is the people within a Company that separate it from the next. Good people are the single most important aspect of a successful self build project. They deliver the best advice, the right information and the most personable service. Fleming Homes is a Company that specialises in good people.

We have two regional offices located within the UK, based conveniently in the north and south of the country. We also have a satellite office in France if you are thinking of building a timber frame home in Europe.

Our Self Build Homes Philosophy

Fleming Homes is committed to the traditional values of self-build. We look at every aspect of our business through the eyes of an individual self-builder and present solutions that promote these values.

The Future of Custom Build Timber Frame Homes UK

Our commitment is to continually promote the ideal of self-build as the most beneficial new home solution. Through the continual development of our internal procedures we strive to make the self-build process easier and more cost effective, promoting the concept of self-build as a realistic option for all new home seekers, not just the privileged few.

Members of the Timber Research and Development Association and the National Self Build Association

As part of our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services we are affiliated with a number of trade organisations that enable us to keep up to date with training and changes that affect the construction industry through building regulations and other major government activities. We are currently members of TRADA, the UK’s leading authority on wood and corporate partners of NaCSBA, who are active in promoting custom and self build as a form of housing with the potential to make a significant contribution to home building in the UK.