History of Fleming Timber Frame Homes  


Fleming Homes has a long standing presence within the UK timber frame construction industry. Timber frame products have been designed and manufactured from the current premises in Berwickshire for nearly 40 years, giving the Company a firm identity within the industry based on experience, reputation and solid industry networks. Fleming Homes Ltd. was established in 1986, when local businessman Thomas Fleming invested in timber frame manufacturing company Clanwood Homes.

Thomas and his team of Directors set about developing a range of solutions designed to meet the needs of the individual self-builder. Their goal was to create a range of services to assist the new home builder at every step in the self-build process and complement this with superior products. Exceeding standards of quality and levels of service quickly became the benchmark for which the Company is known today.

Although the Fleming Homes never restricted its geographic spread the Company originally supplied most of its timber frame kit homes to the Scottish market. As the popularity of timber frame construction grew rapidly in the North in the 1980’s a number of quality timber frame suppliers began to emerge and flourish. Fleming Homes were among an influential group of quality Scottish manufacturers who honed their services to compete for market share;all the while paving the way and setting the standard for the wider UK timber frame market.

Today the geographical supply of the Company’s timber frame solutions are more evenly spread throughout the UK. The recent and continual growth of timber frame in the South has resulted in the Company supplying over 40% of its products over the Scottish border. In 2013 Fleming Homes established its first office in the South to better service clients throughout England and Wales.

The company looks forward to it's 30th anniversary in 2016.

Fleming Homes Director Mike Keher & Head Designer Bernard Buss established Clanwood Homes in the 1970s
History of Fleming Timber Frame Homes