Our Bespoke Timber Frame Homes UK Team  
Our Bespoke Timber Frame Homes UK Team

Our Team

We believe that it is the people within a Company that separate it from the next. Good people are the single most important aspect of a successful self build project. They deliver the best advice, the right information and the most personable service. Fleming Homes is a Company that specialises in good people.

Our team is a dynamic mix of experience, knowledge and timber frame expertise and we share an unrivalled passion for the traditional values of self-build.The support we deliver is extensive whatever stage of the self-build process you are at. Call or email today and you will find us very happy to help.


MarisaMarisa Thomas

Office Manager

Marisa is your first port of call if you have an enquiry. Amongst many other things she’s the director of traffic within the office, so if she can’t assist you then she knows who can.

NigelNigel Steady

Planning & Building Regulations Design Technician

Nigel heads our planning and building regulations service. His technical expertise is complemented by a tireless enthusiasm for obtaining planning permissions. Dealing with local councils throughout the UK Nigel has one of the trickiest roles within the Company; although he doesn’t show it. With Nigel you can count on two things; he’s always got a smile on his face and he always gets the job done.

Richard Simmonds

Technical Director


Richard heads the technical design team and with over 20 years’ experience his expertise for timber frame construction and engineering is extensive. He loves anything technical and will always find the solution!

Jason Hartley

Sales Manager

Jason manages our Southern Office in Swindon. He is our man on the beat, spending a large amount of his time travelling the countryside meeting with clients. Jason has over ten years' experience in the timber frame industry. His experience and expertise, matched with his passion for successful self-build projects makes him an extremely valuable member of any new self-builders team.

BernardBernard Buss
Head Designer

Bernard has been designing timber frame homes for over 45 years. His extensive portfolio of work includes hundreds of designs for clients throughout the UK and abroad. As Head Designer, Bernard oversees all Fleming Homes’ design work ensuring quality design standards for timber frame homes are maintained at all times.
Michael Burns, Pawel Lemanski, Piotr Lemanski, David Keddie, Cammy Hill, Kaml Grenda, Gary Waddel, Kenny Gibb, Pawel Stafijowski 
Panel Fabricators

Our boys on the tools are the most important cog in our timber frame manufacturing machine. We are committed to our quality production standards and take pride that each and every panel is made by our experienced and qualified fabrication operatives. So much so that each panel item produced is personally signed by the makers to assure its quality. 
HaydenHayden Martin
Managing Director

Hayden leads the team from the front with his tireless enthusiasm for the Company and its client’s. He experienced the timber frame trade on the factory floor before becoming an experienced construction design technician and then Director of the Company. His passion for self-build underpins all aspects of his work, but above all, he is committed to ensuring Fleming Homes continues to deliver quality products with unparalleled service levels.
Chris EadieChris Eadie,
David Reid, David Loomis, Kevin Andison 
Construction Design Technicians

All our design work is carried out in-house and always will be. Our friendly yet professional team of technicians will not only create the detailed technical drawings for the construction of your timber frame project but effectively manage the process from design through to erection onsite. Their expertise is extensive and their support service is unrivalled.
MikeMike Keher
Sales Director

Mike's overwhelming strength is his ability to instantly relate with people and their projects. His helpful and approachable demeanour is matched by expertise gained over 30 years in the timber frame industry. He is passionate about the traditional values of self-build, evident in his non-obtrusive and relaxed sales approach.
JonJon Griffiths (Acorn Timber Frame)
Europe Sales Representative

Jon has been erecting timber frame homes throughout Europe for over 15 years. Based in France, Jon has extensive expertise on the subtle (or not so subtle!) differences in the process of building homes on the continent;thus making him the perfect contact for a self-builder looking to build their dream home outside of the UK. Jon and Acorn Timber Frame work closely with Fleming Homes in France and mainland Europe.
SarahSarah Mathieson
Marketing Consultant

Sarah has worked with Fleming Homes since 2011 as our marketing consultant. Her assertive advice is complimented by her friendly and calm nature, making Sarah a popular and pivotal member of our team. Not only do we benefit from her sales and marketing efforts, her holistic knowledge and experience of business in general makes her a key decision maker of Fleming Homes. Sarah became a non-executive director of the company in 2015.