Self Build Insulation  
Self Build Insulation

Self Build Insulation

Fleming Homes provide maximum flexibility when it comes to self build insulation solutions so that you can choose the right system and detail for your individual project. We provide five wall insulation details as a starting point, ranging in U-value from a 0.19 – 0.11W/m²K.

Each quotation we provide presents a cost breakdown for each insulation option so that you can see clearly the relationship between the particular detail and how it will impact your project budget.

We can also create an insulation detail based on an architect’s specification. Or if you have a particular U-value or detail in mind, we can work with you to ensure the right detail is presented to meet your requirements.

Our five standard details, Premier FIT, Premier Plus, Premier Plus FITSuperior and Superior FIT provide an excellent platform upon which you can make an informed decision about which is best for your project.

Premier Plus (0.19W/m²K)

Premier Timber Frame House Insulation

The Premier Plus wall insulation detail has a U-value of 0.19W/m²K. Premier Plus utilizes a denser glassfibre insulation product along with an internal thermal reflective air tight barrier and a service void to produce increased U-value performance. Premier Plus considers both total build costs and future running costs and it nestles itself effectively between the two. Premier Plus is arguably the most cost effective option overall when installation costs and future savings are considered.


Superior (0.11W/m²K)

Superior Timber Frame House Insulation

The Superior wall insulation detail has a U-value of 0.12W/m²K. Superior incorporates two layers of high density rigid insulation together with a thermal reflective air tight barrier and a service void to produce exemplary U-value performance. Superior will impact your total build cost, but can be offset against greater savings on future heating expenses.


Premier FIT (0.17W/m²K)

Superior FIT Timber Frame House Insulation

Premier Fit is a simple yet effective wall detail that is perfectly suited to self-builders looking for a quality pre-insulated structural timber frame option. Many self-builders prefer the flexibility of sourcing a ‘structure only’ kit package leaving them to follow on with the remaining detail of products to complete the final wall (and dwelling) specification. This can generate various cost efficiencies if the self-builder themselves carries out the work. It also allows an amount of flexibility with regard to the follow on detail which can be of benefit to many self-build projects. Some self-builders simply prefer to source other materials themselves. Premier Fit is well suited to the ‘do it yourself’ self-builder who is wise to the fact that fitting rigid insulation onsite is both a tricky and time consuming task. With this product you can trust the important stuff is taken care of (that is the structure and the primary insulation) so you can concentrate on installing the rest. The u-value of the Premier Fit wall detail depends on the final specification of the wall. Examples of these details and u-values are described in our Premier Plus Fit and Superior Fit details.


Premier Plus FIT

Superior FIT Timber Frame House Insulation

For a number of years now our standard Premier Plus detail has been the most popular external wall insulation detail. The reason for this is that it promotes an extremely efficient balance between product and installation costs and the expected payback periods relative to performance. It is a detail that was specifically designed to achieve this balance and its enduring popularity is a testimony to its effectiveness. Having the primary insulation layer factory fitted into the Premier Plus FIT detail increases this effectiveness and will no doubt influence its popularity. Premier Plus FIT utilises factory fitted rigid insulation as the primary insulating layer with site fixed VC reflective foil vapour/air-tight barrier fitted over. A 33mm service void is specified to provide sufficient depth to ensure services are rarely required to puncture the airtight barrier. With standard 12.5mm plasterboard fitted over, the u-value for this detail is excellent at 0.16W/m2K.


Superior FIT (0.11W/m2K)

Superior FIT Timber Frame House Insulation

Superior FIT is our highest performing detail. Its exemplary performance is attributed to layers of insulating elements that combine to provide a superior performing wall element. Specifying any detail with such a low u-value will have an impact on initial capital costs, however, greater impact will be seen on reduced energy bills. Superior FIT fully subscribes to the theory of ‘Fabric First’ which encourages home builders to invest in the fabric of a building to mitigate the need for additional (expensive) energy generators. For a lifetime of much lower energy bills look no further than Superior FIT. Superior FIT uses insulating layers to achieve its exceptional performance. The core layer is the factory fitted 120mm rigid insulation which is complemented by a 20mm air gap to the extremity of the structural stud. A site fixed layer of 50mm rigid insulation addresses cold bridging which is sheathed with a VC reflective foil acting as an air-tight barrier. Over standard size battens (33mm) create a cavity sufficient for service runs. With 12.5mm standard plasterboard over the u-value is superior at 0.11W/m2K.


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