Bespoke Self Build Windows  

Self Build Windows

Our standard specification includes quality self build window products if required. All of our windows are sourced from reputable suppliers who have a proven track record for quality, service and remedial support.

Because our specification is bespoke we provide a number of solutions to ensure you have the flexibility to choose the products you require. Our options include timber, aluminium clad and UPVC products all with a variety of specification options to select from.

You can also specify your own window manufacturer and if it is not one of our preferred suppliers we will simply leave these products out of your specification. We will then work with you and your manufacturer to ensure the structural specification of your timber frame suits the requirements of the products you have selected.


Window Products Downloads:

Timber 'Rationel' (ADW)

Timber 'H' Type (ADW)

Timber 'H' Type 'System 2000' (Allan Brothers)

Timber 'Dual Turn' (Allan Brothers)

Timber 'Vetical Sliding Sash' (Allan Brothers)

Timber 'A Series' (Allan Brothers)

Timber Aliminium Clad 'Rationel' (ADW)



There are a number of window options you can choose from to suit your requirements
Bespoke Self Build Windows