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Great information is at the heart of all successful self build projects. The self build information presented in this section is aimed at providing you with quality information to help inform your decisions and assist with moving your project forward in the right direction. Keep an eye on these self build resources for a regular update on valuable self build information and self build advice. 

Timber framed self build houses frequently asked questions

Asking questions is the best way to start gathering information for your self-build project. The following list answers some of the more commonly asked questions about our services.

The benefits of Timber Frame for Self Build Houses Scotland

As its name implies, timber frame construction is a method of building that relies on the natural resource of timber to provide the means of structural support. Timber has many properties which promote it as premium build element for modern day construction.

Timber Frame Housing - designing your self build home Scotland

One of the major attractions of self-build is the opportunity to design your own home. Our design service can assist you in this process; although we will never stray too far from your own ideas. It is important that a self-builder understands the general design principles that underpin a good custom build design before getting started on the design process.

Finding Self Build Plots

Finding the right plot is a key step in the self-build process. A plot that is as suited to your individual requirements is as important as the design of your home. Knowing where to start looking for great plots will set you off on the right foot.

All projects must get planning approval. There are two main forms of planning permission; Outline and Detailed.

What is a Self Build Building Warrant?

A building warrant is the process in which a new dwelling must demonstrate technical compliance with UK building standards. This process happens after planning approval is received and is a mandatory step in the self-build process.

Easy Build Routes Explained

There are a number of ways a self-builder can approach a new build project. These are best divided into three main categories referred to as build routes.

As you would expect there are significant differences in the way self-build projects proceed within the various countries in Europe. Each country has subtle (and not so subtle!) differences from the next with regard to planning procedure, building regulations, product specification, erection legislation and so on. The key to a successful self-build project in Europe is to have someone on your self build team who is 'in the know' and has established local contacts.

Build your own Home Education and Training

We believe that education is a critical step in the self-builder's journey. That's why we try to make our service as informative as possible at every step of the self-build process; enabling you to make the right decisions to build your own home.

Useful Links for Self Build, Timber Frames and New Homes scotland

Information gathering is a key part of all self-build projects. This section presents a number of useful links that will assist you in this process.