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Construction Design

The construction design team comprises five designers with over 50 years combined experience within the construction design industry. Their role as Fleming Homes construction designers is not a conventional one; projects are assigned to and personally managed by an individual technician from construction design through to erection onsite.

The drawings they produce are of the highest quality and the service support they provide throughout the build process is extensive.

Our in-house design facility ensures we have direct control over the high quality standards set within our ‘Quality Assured’ design procedure and allows us to draw on a combination of design expertise from under a single roof.

Each Fleming Homes’ design project is entirely bespoke and every timber frame building is designed around the specific requirements of the individual project, considering aspects such as engineering, building regulations, ease of erection, health and safety and other elements critical to the success of the design.

The construction design phase can be carried out on the back of our pre-design services or established directly from existing architect’s drawings.

No matter how the concept design has been created our technicians will become an important part of your self-build team.


For an example of a Fleming Homes construction drawing please click here

Free House Design Service for Construction UK