Renewable Energy Solutions

renewable energy solutions

Our houses are made to exacting standards, offering outstanding thermal efficiency and air tightness levels, and therefore very low running costs.

As a result, we are often asked about the different technologies that are available for our homes as traditional forms of heating are not always appropriate or available - for example, if you are not on a mains gas network. Additionally, we have seen a huge growth in customers asking about their carbon footprint, and how to reduce this. Increasingly self-builders are also looking to cut the cost of living through clean, renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

We know that technology moves quickly, and the solutions available are wide and bespoke to each client. But what renewable energy solutions are right for you? Should you opt for a Ground & Air Source Heat Pump, Solar PV, Battery Technologies, Solar Thermal, Heat Recovery & Ventilation Units, or a Biomass system?

If you are looking for a knowledgeable team to guide you through the options available, price, design and install the solutions you need, and help and guide you through the various government incentives on offer, then Renew Green Energy is a great place to start. They can also offer a one stop shop for all your services, (electrical, plumbing, heating - as well as all of your renewables).

If you would like to know more, give them a call on 01896 800 234 or email at