Self-build with confidence with STA Assure

STA Assure Gold Standard

At Fleming Homes we’re always striving to be the best that we can be. That’s why we were always going to shoot for the STA Assure Gold standard and why today, we’re delighted to announce that we have achieved this.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we’re long-standing affiliates of several timber and construction trade associations. This keeps us at the cutting edge of education, skills training and industry developments. It also keeps us abreast of changing laws, building regulations, and government initiatives.

Membership of the Structural Timber Association (STA) is especially important to us, as we take quality, management systems and safety very seriously. Its STA Assure scheme – a robust members’ quality standard – has been established to offer reassurances to self-builders that its members meet or exceed current legislative and regulatory requirements and have the necessary systems in place to deliver a quality product.

When it comes to choosing a structural timber system supplier for your self-build project, here are four reasons why selecting a member of the STA Assure scheme will allow you to build with confidence.


Technical Excellence

With an STA Assure member, you’ll know that the company you choose will be committed to delivering the highest standards of technical excellence, and your home will be built using the latest in timber technology and engineering.

Audited Quality Systems
STA Assure members are subject to a rigorous third-party audited quality system for performance and management. This means your home will be manufactured in a factory environment that prioritises auditable quality practices based on the toughest industry best practice and compliance standards. This commitment to quality will ensure your home arrives on site ‘right first time’ and can be erected in just a few weeks.

Good Supply Chain Management
Manufacture of your home will take place in line with good environmental principles using timber products sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests.

It may also give you peace of mind to know that the STA Assure scheme is recognised by seven of the industry’s leading structural warranty and building control bodies including LABC Warranty, Premier Guarantee, Protek Warranty, Build-Zone Warranty, Self-Build Zone Warranty, ABC+ Warranty and CRL.

Choosing a timber frame manufacturer can be a daunting prospect. The STA Assure scheme can help mitigate any fears you may have by offering reassurance that its member companies will have management systems in place to ensure delivery performance and technical compliance. Make the right choice for your project by looking out for the STA Assure logo.