6 reasons a self build timber frame home might be right for you

Self Build Timber Frame

Deciding to move is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. Yet when it comes to looking at new houses, the process can quickly become depressing. While a set of particulars may promise much, in reality, properties viewed often fail to live up to expectations. This can lead to a long and arduous journey of viewing after viewing where compromise becomes a necessity. One house may not have the en-suite bathroom you covet. In another, the kitchen could be too small for family dining. The next may not have enough open plan living or, conversely, too much. When it comes to choosing your next home, here are 6 reasons why self-building in timber frame might just be the smart choice for you.


It’s your chance to design a home that’s perfect for you. From the layout to its energy efficiency you control every aspect of how your house will look and perform. If that seems a bit overwhelming, you’ll find plenty of experts on hand from architects to package home suppliers to guide you through the process. When it comes to design the options are endless with timber frame, so you can achieve as much or as little as your budget dictates.


Whether you’re looking at a lender’s valuation or a homebuyers report, a house will be roughly worth the amount it is valued at in the report. In contrast, self-builders can look forward to an average uplift of 29%, so your new self-build home will be worth significantly more than it cost to build when you move in.


Bang for your buck
Self-build is no longer synonymous with DIY; many self-builders are managing trades rather than being in the trenches themselves. Depending on which build route (main contractor, project manager, or self-manage) you choose, your personal contribution to your self-build project can pay dividends, resulting in more bang for your buck.



Floor area
On average self-build homes are significantly bigger than speculative new build homes (247sqm compared to 76 sqm) – check out our handy self build cost calculator. You may be surprised to discover what you can afford to self-build.


Future proofing
Self-building with timber frame offers the ability and ease to achieve very high levels of thermal insulation. With the core insulation layer housed within the structure itself, multiple layers of insulation can be added on top increasing thermal performance. As a result, in addition to a fabulous home, you can benefit from a lifetime of lower energy bills.


VAT reclaim
If you’re self-building a home, you can claim for a VAT refund on building materials after your project is complete. At the current rate of 20%, this can potentially leave you with a lump sum to pay towards your mortgage, deck out the interior of your new home or book a relaxing holiday as a reward for all your hard work!




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