Bespoke self-build checklist

Imagine if you could go to one car dealer and develop your dream car from a blank sheet of paper! Colour, size, performance, specification, cost, efficiency would be directed by you and coordinated by the dealer, who would then manufacture your car to your specification.

That’s what you do when you source a truly bespoke self-build service: you plan, pick, design, decide, incorporate, reject, purely based on what’s best for your individual project. And if you can do this all under the one roof, then the process is a lot simpler.

Several companies in the UK self-build industry provide this kind of end-to-end service, particularly in timber frame. A key attraction of timber frame construction is that much of the heavy lifting is carried out by the manufacturer who prefabricates the structural elements.



Some timber frame suppliers take this a step further, and provide a one-stop-shop of bespoke services with as many options and solutions as possible under one roof, making the process much easier for you – the new home builder.

When choosing a bespoke timber frame supplier, use the following checklist to work out whether they can deliver what you need.

  • Do they have a design service which can start from a blank sheet of paper?
  • Do they have a range of standard designs that can be modified with maximum flexibility to suit your individual needs?
  • Do they help with or carry out planning permission and building warrant applications?
  • Can they provide engineering certification, SAP calculations, U-Value calculations and other technical requirements?
  • Do they have a comprehensive specification list that can be adapted to suit your specific requirements?
  • Can they readily change their manufacturing details to suit your specific requests?
  • Can they tailor a ‘kit’ package to suit your requirements? (For example, supply structure only or full specification)
  • Can they adapt specific detailing to impact U-value targets?
  • Can they provide a variety of panel systems? (open, closed, SIPS)
  • Do they have an erection service, and if not, can they help you to source main and subcontractors in your area?

Self-builders Robert and Lorraine Tait used Fleming Homes’ one-stop-shop bespoke service to build their timber frame home in the Scottish Borders.

“We had a clear idea of our dream home,” explains Lorraine. “We’d spent a lot of time researching and creating a very detailed wish list, but we were completely overwhelmed when we attempted to pull the information together and move our project forward. Although we knew exactly what we wanted, we were uncertain on how to get it.”



After shopping around, Robert and Lorraine employed Fleming Homes for their timber frame expertise and range of bespoke services. We translated their wish list into a workable design, gained planning permission and building warrant approval, developed a specification specific to their requests, and manufactured all the timber frame components.

“It was perfect for us,” says Lorraine. “Although we were led through each phase, we always had complete control of the direction our project was taking. If our projected budget was being pushed, we adapted the specification. When we decided on underfloor heating, the construction detail was adapted. When we opted for a beam and block floor, the structure was re-engineered. When I wanted solid oak doors, I got them! We had complete flexibility to build exactly what we wanted to build. And there was no interface between multiple parties. It was all carried out by one supplier.”

The main attraction of self-building is creating a home that is completely personalised to you. There is so much scope nowadays to develop even the most outrageous self-build idea. A key to making your project successful is to use construction services that are truly bespoke. If you want to make the build process a little easier, look out for leading manufacturers offering a large range of bespoke services from under one roof. You now have more options and potential than ever before to create the home of your dreams.

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