Cut on-site costs with FIT pre-insulated panels

Superior FIT Insulation

Using pre-insulated panels in your self-build can cut on-site costs dramatically, and let you choose exactly the right specification for your needs. Our FIT range of pre-insulated panels offers three insulation specifications – Premier, Premier Plus and Superior – to give you maximum flexibility. All panels are made in our factory and are backed by our ISO 9001 quality assurance process.
A major benefit of building your own home is the chance to specify exactly what you want. Our self-build clients have different needs and circumstances, so we’ve developed three tiers of insulation with three levels of u-value performance.

Each FIT pre-insulated panel offers different benefits:


Premier FIT
Premier Fit is a simple, effective wall panel that is ideal for DIY self-builders looking for a quality pre-insulated panel timber frame option.

Many self-builders prefer the flexibility of sourcing a ‘structure only’ kit package, then following on with products to complete the final wall specification. This can be cost-efficient, if the self-builder carries out the work. It also allows a great deal of flexibility.

Premier Fit is ideal for the ‘do it yourself’ self-builder who realised that fitting rigid insulation on-site is tricky and time-consuming. With our product, you can trust that the important structure and primary insulation are in place, leaving you to concentrate on the rest of the installation.



Premier Plus FIT
Our standard Premier Plus detail is our most popular external wall insulation panel. It was specifically designed to achieve an extremely efficient balance between product and installation costs, and expected payback period relative to performance. This is a major factor in its popularity.

Premier Plus FIT uses factory-fitted rigid insulation as the primary insulating layer, with site fixed VC reflective foil vapour/air-tight barrier fitted on top. A 33mm service void provides depth, ensuring that services rarely need to puncture the airtight barrier. With standard 12.5mm plasterboard fitted over, the u-value for this detail is excellent at 0.16W/m2K. 


Superior FIT
Superior FIT is our highest performing detail, and an excellent example of the ‘fabric first’ approach to self-build. This makes it ideal for home builders who want to invest in the fabric of a building, to reduce the need for expensive heat generation. For a lifetime of much lower energy bills, look no further than Superior FIT.

Superior FIT achieves its exceptional performance by using insulating layers. The core layer is factory-fitted 120mm rigid insulation, complemented by a 20mm air gap to the extremity of the structural stud. A site-fixed layer of 50mm rigid insulation addresses cold bridging, and is sheathed with a VC-reflective foil that acts as an air-tight barrier. Over standard size battens (33mm) create a cavity sufficient for service runs. Finished with 12.5mm standard plasterboard, the u-value is superior at 0.11W/m2K.

When choosing insulation panels, consider not which one is best, but which is right for your project. Each option has different benefits that need to be seen in the context of your individual design. But don’t worry, we’ll talk you through the options and help you choose the right specification for your home and budget.


Get in touch to discuss our FIT pre-insulated panels for self-builders.

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