Award win for a project that epitomises the true spirit self-build

Best Timber Frame Home

Having very recently taken up the role of MD of Fleming Homes, I found myself in the extremely fortunate position of taking to the stage last week to pick up a highly coveted accolade at this year’s BuildIt Awards. It’s the first time that we’ve thrown our hat into the industry awards ring, largely because the homes that we design and manufacture tend not to be overly flashy projects that are characterised by design-led considerations. We build timber frames that originate from the needs of the self-builder; so BuildIt Magazine’s award for ‘Best Timber Frame Home’ left us somewhat dumbfounded, but grinning from ear to ear.



Our lovely clients Paul and Rhian built a house that epitomises the true spirit of a self-build project. Despite being novice self-builders the design of their home originated from them. They managed the entire project, pulling in expertise where required, and detailing and specifying a high performing house with a high specification for well under £1,000m2. The end result is an exemplar for what self-builders can achieve with the right team around them, with a realistic and practical approach and an eye on the budget. Through their self-build journey, they have demonstrated the true value of what can be achieved when you are in full control of the process.


In our opinion, the house that Paul and Rhian built is a beautiful testimony to what self-build is all about and their story is reflected in the large majority of projects we are involved in. As broadcasters continue to fill TV schedules with property programmes, the shows that focus on the drama of the architecturally ambitious and financially flawed projects are not a true reflection of the real self-build market. A new home doesn’t have to be expensive, ostentatious or design-led for it to be great.


Paul and Rhian Bates’ house is exceptional and it demonstrates perfectly many of the benefits of self-building. Our thanks to BuildIt Magazine for recognising this.  As an industry we should collectively champion and showcase success stories like Paul and Rhian’s more often to increase confidence and encourage more prospective home owners to take a leap of faith and design a home that is truly perfect for them.


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