self-build workshops

Are you looking for training in self-build, to get your home building project off to a great start? Join a Fleming Homes free erector’s training workshop, and lay strong foundations for your home-build project.

If you’re building a new timber frame kit home, you’re on an amazing journey. But when you’re starting out, the amount of new information can be overwhelming. You’re dealing with contractors, architects and banks as well as your home life, and trying to keep up to speed with technical developments at same time…

Happily, you’re not alone.

Let us help you to get it right

At Fleming Homes, we run free training workshops to help prospective self-builders gather the solid practical information they need. You’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough of the process of building a timber frame house with Fleming Homes, valuable insights into our products, and up-to-date guidelines on best practice.

It’s also a chance to ask our experienced team anything specific to your own site and situation.

Workshops are free and there’s no obligation. We’re an approachable bunch, and we fully understand you’ll want to check out the right partners for your building project. So give us a call to find out about our next training workshop in your area.

National Homebuilding & Renovating Centre (NSBRC)

Fleming Homes also has its southern office at the NSBRC in Swindon. This independent self-build centre is a must-see if you’re building your own home in the south of England. It runs courses on self-build, project management, and heat and energy, and you’ll find a ton of valuable information and resources gathered in one place.

Our sales manager, Jason, will be happy to meet you and discuss your project at the NSBRC, as well as introduce you to other useful resources on site. Simply contact us to arrange a time that suits – whether at NSBRC, or at your site.


[actualy NSBRC doesn’t have education resources now. Do you want to encourage people to sign up for the NSBRC newsletter?]

Timber Frame Association and TRADA education

These industry organisations run specialised courses in timber frame house construction, though they’re mainly aimed at the timber trade.

The National Home Building Council (NHBC) sets national standards in new home construction, and offers home-builders valuable advice on snagging, warranties and other important topics, as well as the HUC online hub for managing your project.

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Timber Research & Development Association (TRADA) is an international membership body dedicated to best practice timber frame construction. They’re the leading authority on wood and its uses. Visit their site for cutting-edge inspiration and academic research on timber construction.


UK Timber Frame Association

[Site currently down – ignore for now]

And finally…

We strongly encourage you to do your homework, and research as much as possible before embarking on your project. The team at Fleming Homes can save you time by pointing you to the best and latest resources, and help you cut to the chase. To get your project moving to the next stage, give us a call.

Meet us in person

Why not come and meet the Fleming Homes team in person? We’re there to help you with all your self-build and timber frame questions.

Below are the upcoming exhibitions we’re scheduled to attend. A full list of the shows where you can meet the Fleming Homes team is available on our Events page.

Hopefully there’s an event near you soon. If not, just give us a call!