timber frame

timber frame

Timber frame is a long established build method in the UK and throughout the world. Over 85% of homes in the developed world have been built using a form of timber construction. Timber frame is the fastest growing construction method for domestic housing within the UK, notably due to the inherent benefits associated with this method of construction. Speed, quality, flexibility, sustainability and the ease in which greater thermal performance can be achieved make timber frame construction a supreme building method.

For more information about timber frame as a build method see self-build resources – Timber frame home benefits.

Fleming Homes specialise in the production of high quality open panel pre-insulated timber frame systems. In its typical form this traditional system of timber frame manufacture comprises a prefabricated panel made up of 140mm timber studs at 600mm centres with OSB sheathing, factory-fitted rigid insulation and a reflective breather membrane.

Each project we manage is purely bespoke and ‘one-off’, therefore the panel design and specification can be adapted to suit the requirements of your individual project.


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We believe the traditional benefits of a pre-insulated open panel system have significant advantages for the self-builder. The major benefits include:

Speed of offsite manufacture: thus reducing lead times and positively impacting production costs.

Speed of erection onsite: meaning the dwelling is ‘wind & watertight’ quicker, therefore reducing the overall build programme.

Flexibility: ensuring the entire process from design through to construction is not limited by pre-defined construction details ensuring the fabrication and specification detail of the structure of your home can be designed specifically to meet your needs.

Lightweight: resulting in far less reliance on expensive mechanical lifting. Less foundation loadings also allow for cost efficiencies in foundation design.

Cost efficient: more economical to manufacture and to erect positively impacting total build costs.

Sustainable: our raw timber materials are sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests and have lower embodied carbon than other composite materials.

Quality: traditionally hand made to exacting quality procedures.

Our panel systems can be manually fitted with insulation onsite or the primary layer of insulation can be fitted within our factory. For further information about our insulation products please see Products - Insulation.

Fleming Homes has a reputation for the quality of its timber frame product. Each and every timber frame panel is precision engineered following a rigorous quality procedure and is individually signed off as accepted by its maker.