Understanding Timber Framed Homes Costs and Prices

The estimated cost of a new timber frame dwelling is best calculated on a cost per square metre basis. The following information presents information about the total build costs, the cost of the timber frame subset and the erection costs associated with our timber frame package.

Calculating total build cost estimates:

If you are thinking of undertaking a timber frame self-build project then understanding total build costs is the first step in the process. The total build cost refers simply to the total cost of finishing your new home, excluding the cost of land.

The way in which a timber frame home is usually constructed can be divided into three main categories referred to as build routes. These are;

  • Build Route 1 – All work is carried out by a main contractor
  • Build Route 2 – The self-builder employs a team of sub-trades and a project coordinator
  • Build Route 3 – The self-builder employs a team of sub-trades and self manages the project

The following costing guidelines present a cost per square metre/foot relative to the build route you may choose to follow to complete your project.

Enter your square metre or square foot below:

  • Build Route 1
total floor area (m²) x £1,420
total floor area (ft²) x £132
  • Build Route 2
total floor area (m²) x £1,184
total floor area (ft²) x £110
  • Build Route 3
total floor area (m²) x £1,100
total floor area (ft²) x £100

Please note the costing information highlighted in this table are indicative only and depend on other factors, such as the slope of the site, quality of the finishings and the overall level of specification. They do not include the cost of the site, professional fees or extensive landscaping.


The designs illustrated in our gallery and detailed in our Design Brochure all indicate total floor area. Multiplying the cost per m²/ft² noted in the table above with the size of dwelling is a good exercise to get an initial understanding of the relationship between size of home and budget.

It must be noted that these cost parameters are provided as estimates only. Please speak to us directly about the cost of your proposed timber frame project and for further information on total costs.


For further detailed information about build routes please click here

For further detailed information about how the total costs are divided within a project please click here




Calculating the timber frame 'kit' estimate:

The cost of the timber frame is influenced by a number of factors, in particular the quality and scope of the timber frame ‘kit’. A kit refers to the full specification of materials that are provided within the timber frame package.

The cost of estimating the timber frame subset of a new build project is relative to the kit package supplied by a particular company. Because our timber frame solutions are flexible there are a variety of self-build kit options available.

The following cost parameters present an indication of the likely costs associated with our timber frame package;

  • Standard specification
total floor area (m²) x £269
total floor area (ft²) x £25
  • Structure only
total floor area (m²) x £151
total floor area (ft²) x £14

Please note that these figures are indicative only and can vary depending on the level of specification and nature of the project


Our standard specification includes items such as insulation, plasterboard, doors, windows, internal doors, staircases, ironmongery and so on. You can find a full list of materials included in our standard specification here.

Contact us to get a more accurate cost assessment and to discuss your project in further detail. If you have plans, email them to us today and we will provide you with a free no-obligation quotation within 2-3 weeks.


Calculating erection cost estimates:

A budget of around £30-45m² will give you a ballpark for the erection costs to get your project to the wind and watertight stage.

A ballpark figure of around £80m² will cover the cost of erecting and installing all of the items listed within our standard specification.

To get an accurate quotation for erection of your specific project please contact us. You can also find out more about our erection services here.