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frequently asked questions

Asking questions is the best way to start gathering information for your self-build project. The following list answers some of the more commonly asked questions about our services.

How Much Will It Cost?

The best way to budget for a new build home is to first understand ballpark cost per square metre figures. This will allow you to compare your budget with a particular size of dwelling. It’s very important from the outset that your budget matches your aspirations!

Cost per square metre for the completed build can be anywhere between £1,100 at the lower end to £1,600 at the higher end. Where your build sits within this range is relative to the type of house you build, and how you go about building it.

The cost of the timber frame element based on our full specification is usually around a quarter of the total build cost. So, around £250 per square metre. Go to our cost calculator for a rough idea of the ballpark for the kind of home you want to build. Or give us a call, and we can help you understand this more precisely.

What sets Fleming Homes apart from your competitors?

We have a reputation for an excellent product, but as important – if not more so – is the service that comes with it. Our range of services starts from an initial design, can involve planning, building warrants, and so on. We offer a full but flexible specification, and we erect on site. Everything is done in-house by friendly people. We are very personal, and we wear our brand on our sleeve each and every day, for all to see.

Where are you based?

We are conveniently located in both the north and south of the UK. Our head office is based in Berwickshire in the lovely Border town of Duns, and our southern office is in Wiltshire.

Why build in timber frame?

Timber frame is the fastest-growing build method in the UK, due to its inherent benefits. The big advantages of timber frame construction are speed, quality, sustainability, and cost effectiveness. Timber frame is one of the fastest build methods available, is manufactured off-site with maximum precision, is arguably the most sustainable of the mainstream build methods, and has proven to be more cost-efficient than other methods of construction.

Is timber frame cheaper than conventional or other forms of construction?

Timber frame construction maximises cost efficiency, mainly due to speed and accuracy. Time is money, so the less time on site can often mean a more cost-effective build. Likewise, because timber frame projects are completely designed and manufactured off-site, cost deficiencies can be addressed early in the design process. Plus, a quality pre-manufactured product can means far fewer issues on-site.

Do you do the full build or just the structure?

We take our dwellings to a stage commonly known as ‘wind and watertight’ if that’s what our customer requests. At this stage, the structure of the dwelling is erected, windows and external doors are fitted, roof sarking is fitted often with soffits, fascias and barge boards, ready for your follow-on trades to get cracking. Our clients can receive whatever service they wish up to this stage of wind and watertight.

To find out more please see Our Services – Manufacture.

What sort of u-values do you build to?

Because we are a bespoke supplier, we can build to any u-value our client requests. To make it simple, we’ve broken our external wall standard details into 3 easy tiers – Premier, Premier Plus and Superior. These range from 0.19 to 0.11. The most popular of our external wall details is the Superior FIT detail, which is a factory-insulated detail with a u-value of 0.11.

Do Fleming Homes do planning and building regulation drawings?

Yes. We’ve been doing planning permission and building regulation applications throughout the UK for over 30 years. Our service can make the process a lot simpler for the self-builder, and has a significant cost benefit, with the entire process managed under the one roof. Furthermore, it ensures that our timber frame expertise is introduced into your project at the earliest possible stage, which is a significant factor in the continuity and efficiency of the self-build design process.

How do I start the process of building my own home?

Understanding costs is the 100% best place to start. Our advice would be to start with our cost calculator, to understand what a new build would cost, and match your budget with your aspirations. Then you’ll need to start gathering your ideas. We offer a free design service if you already have a plot of land, which is a great way to start formailsing your ideas, and establishing a budget.

Any tips to starting a build successfully?

To start with, make a commitment to getting the right information from the outset. As with anything, knowledge is king. Build your knowledge base early, so that it’s you who’s driving the decisions, not someone that’s trying to sell you something. From there, select a quality team early – one that you can see yourself working with through the entire process. Put the work into the front end of the project, to avoid spur-of-the-moment decisions.

What do I get from Fleming Homes?

This depends a lot on what you want from us. Because we’re a bespoke supplier, we provide a wide specification with maximum flexibility. Over and above the structural timber frame, we can provide windows, external doors, internal doors, plasterboard, insulation, staircases, skirtings, architraves, and so on. All of these items come with options, so you get the materials you want. This can make your process simpler to manage, as you rely on our expertise to buy from our accredited supply chains. We also offer services such as planning, building warrant, engineering, SAP calculations, and more.

How long does it take to build a timber frame and then complete it?

Depending on volume of demand, our lead time from placing order is around 6 weeks. The planning and building regs process can take a few months, depending on the process itself. The average time for a home to be manufactured in our factory is a few days. The average time to erect on site is a couple of weeks. The average completion time from starting on-site is around 6 to 8 months.

Can you do ‘wind and watertight’?

Yes. This is a great service that maximises the benefits of timber frame construction. We can erect the structural elements, fit the roof sarking and membrane, and fit external joinery making the dwelling ‘wind and watertight’. We can also fit soffits, fascia and barge boards, so that your dwelling is fully ready for your roofers and other follow-on trades.

How do you fix televisions to the wall?

Very simply. In most cases, you can use a quality rawl plug or similar. You can also consider this during the design phase and design accordingly. So, for example, fit timber studs or plywood sheathing, which is common in areas such as kitchens. We can also specify denser wallboard with greater fixing capacity.

Are Fleming Homes’ manufacturing methods sustainable?

Timber is the most sustainable structural building element, therefore timber-frame is one of the most sustainable construction methods available today. The timber used for our homes is sourced from well managed sustainable forests, and contains less embodied energy than comparable building materials, such as concrete or steel. From design to construction, we’re committed to utilising products and refining procedures that are sustainable.

Do Fleming Homes do the erection?

Yes, if you require. We can also provide a timber frame kit on a supply-only basis, if you have your own team of erectors. To find out more, please see Our Services – Erection.

Do Fleming Homes deliver nationwide?

Yes. We delivery and erect our homes anywhere in the UK and abroad.

Where do I find local plots?

The easiest place to start looking for a plot is online. We recommend some good places to start in the Self Build Resource, Find a plot of land section of our website. Local estate agents, land agents, local authority websites, consumer magazines and local newspapers are also good sources of information.

Can I adjust one of your pre-prepared designs?

Yes. Our Design Brochure is intended to inform and inspire your design aspirations, and we can modify existing designs to suit your requirements. It’s your ideas that inform the design of your new home, so we often start from a blank sheet of paper, working with you to design your custom build home around your specific requirements. For more information, please see Our Services – Design.

I have drawings from an architect. Can you manufacture my home from them?

Most certainly. Email us your plans today for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Meet us in person

Why not come and meet the Fleming Homes team in person? We’re there to help you with all your self-build and timber frame questions.

Below are the next 4 exhibitions we’re attending, a full list of shows where you can meet the Fleming Homes team is available on our Events page.

Hopefully there’s an event near you soon. If not, just give us a call!


"We are onto our third self-build project. We've used Fleming Homes' design team for each of our houses and have been delighted with their flexible, friendly and reliable approach to timber frame supply."

Mr & Mrs Downie, York

"The personal service is excellent and it was reassuring to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone throughout the self-build process."

Mrs G Douglas, Nenthorn, Scotland

"Fleming Homes are one of the finest and most client-focused commercial firms we have ever encountered. It was a very happy and positive experience."

Dr & Mrs Lovegrove, Perthshire

"Pulling all the component parts of a self-build project together is the real challenge. Fleming Homes are extremely helpful in this respect. Their service is exceedingly thorough right through the build process. Working with them is an enjoyable experience."

Roy Croucher, Brighton

"We first made contact with Fleming Homes at the Harrogate show, and from that initial contact, the whole experience of obtaining a quotation based upon our own design, accepting the quote, converting our design to detailed drawings for production, delivery and erection exceeded my expectations. Excellent service from start to finish."

Lee McKenzie, Derby

"A great kit, a great company, and a great team. The guys at Flemings are the best I have had the pleasure in dealing with. They really do care, and if you have any queries they will resolve straight away. Friendly, upbeat, positive. I have a few more builds still to go, and you bet I will be using Fleming Homes."

Steve Owen, Scottish Borders

"Wow, what a whirlwind journey, from arriving on a truck to sign-off of the timber frame in just three weeks. I don't think I have ever seen anyone work such long hours in freezing conditions, wind, rain and the occasional sunshine! Thank you Fleming Homes for helping make our dream a reality."

Julie Voller, Chertsey

"I’d happily recommend Fleming Homes to my clients in my planning consultant capacity."

Kate Jenkins MRICS MRTPI, Director, Ericht Planning & Property Consultants

"Fleming were amazing from start to finish. We could not have done it without them."

Mr & Mrs Fairley, West Sussex

"Fleming Homes are an all round excellent company to work with. The service provided by every contact I've had has been extremely professional and nothing was a problem. Fleming Homes have been one of the easy parts of building a house!"

Mr. Bulloch, Dunlop, Ayrshire

"I'd do it all again and with Fleming Homes. We are thrilled with our new house and it's turned out far better than we could have ever hoped for"

Paul Bates, Carmarthenshire

"I would wholeheartedly encourage self-builders to use Fleming without reservation.  The product is of high quality and eco-friendly. We had a faultless experience from start to finish."

Sylvester Dengzee, Ipswich

"We were delighted with every aspect of dealing with your company and our kit home, you could not do enough to help us and answer all our questions so promptly. Also the quality of the kit was excellent. We would use you again without question, your staff were so professional and did a great job."

Bill Cheape, Edinburgh

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I  have been by the quality and the professionalism of all your team. They've done a great job and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone."

Peter Murphy, Buckinghamshire