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Doors, windows & staircases

The doors and windows in your self-build timber frame are a key purchase, and really matter. High performance over the product lifetime is vital to ensure the longevity of your home and your investment. When you buy a self-build timber frame kit home from Fleming Homes, a high quality staircase is supplied with our full specification. Many design options are available, and each staircase is manufactured specifically for your self-build project.

At Fleming Homes, quality is paramount. So, to make life easier for our clients, we use tried and tested suppliers we’ve worked with for a minimum of 15 years. We know the people we’re buying from, and we know the product. These long-standing relationships also help us to look after our clients better, with preferential cost and warranty benefits.

The high-quality door, window and staircases ranges below are used in the full specification for our timber frame self-build kit homes, but you’re welcome to choose another supplier if you prefer – we’re all about flexibility!

All our preferred door, window and staircase suppliers offer a wide range of options to suit different needs and design aesthetics.
See below for details.

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External Doors

With external doors, too, performance is just as important as aesthetics when making your choice. High quality doors combine optimum durability, security and air-tightness with robust guarantees and excellent customer service.

We’ve worked with the following trusted suppliers for over 15 years, and recommend them highly, for the added value this gives our clients. Their external doors are used in our full specification, though you can use other suppliers if you prefer.

Our preferred suppliers offer a wide range of external door options, including stained doors.

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Internal Doors

We have always used Adamson doors. Their quality is exceptional, they offer a wide range of design options. We also know the team well, and their ethos is a good fit for ours. They respect our loyalty with great service, support and value, which benefits our clients, too. If you live in the north, visit their fantastic showroom in Glenrothes!

For our full specification, we use the standard Adamson door options, though you’re welcome to use other internal doors if you prefer.

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Windows are a major purchase for a self-build project. They’re complex items, and you should make your choice based on performance over the product lifetime, not just aesthetics.

We work closely with the following trusted suppliers to deliver exceptional performance and service to our clients.

Their products are used in our full specification, though you can choose your own suppliers if you prefer. Between them, they offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary windows with frame options including timber, aluminium clad and UPVC, each in a variety of styles.

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Staircases aren’t just functional – they’re also an important design feature, and a chance to express your individual taste. So take the opportunity to pick exactly the right style and specification for your home.

Some of the options available in our full specification include:

  • Open tread
  • Closed tread
  • Joinery pine specification
  • Oak specification
  • Turned section newels & spindles
  • Stop chamfered newels & spindles
  • Glazed balustrading

Our stairs are sourced from reputable suppliers with a proven track record for quality, service and responsive support.

If you’ve already chosen a staircase from another manufacturer, it goes without saying that we’ll work closely with them to make sure the structural specification of your timber frame kit fits the staircase you have selected.