planning permission

planning permission

Looking for a simpler way to get planning permission for your self-build? Fleming Homes’ no-cost planning permission service draws on over 30 years’ experience. If we agree to take on your project and it doesn’t get planning permission with our help, you don’t pay a thing!

Every self-build project requires planning permission, and the process can be slow and unwieldy. At Fleming Homes, we’re old hands, and have worked with planning authorities all over the UK.

We help clients develop their plans to the point where planning success is highly likely, saving them considerable time and heartache.

Benefits of our planning service include:

  • no cost guarantee
  • single point of contact – improved efficiency and continuity
  • available from design to erection on site
  • simpler and more cost-effective
  • integration with design and build process from the start
  • a greater chance of success

How does our no-cost planning service work?
This service is only provided to clients committed to commissioning a Fleming Homes timber frame. To make a planning application, we require a 10% deposit on the agreed timber frame cost. In the unlikely event that your planning permission is refused, this deposit is refunded in full.

This gives you the extra reassurance of a no cost guarantee in the worst-case scenario of not gaining planning permission.

Please note that our free planning service does not include a planning appeal process, i.e. we do not represent clients before committee. If a planning project is unusually complex and requires specialist planning advice, we reserve the right to withhold this service.

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