Build your knowledge with our self-build timber frame demo day

elf-build timber frame demo day

Anyone who has ever started a self-build house project knows that there’s a steep learning curve. Most self-builders willingly throw themselves into information gathering during the feasibility stages and beyond. There are a number of great ways to do this. Homebuilding and Renovating magazine and BuildIt magazine both run a series of events around the country that bring 1000s of products and services together under one roof. You’ll find tons to look at, rafts of experts to hear and 100s of suppliers to meet. We’re big advocates of these events and you’ll find us exhibiting at many of them across the UK. But when you meet us at events like this, there is so much to see and do that your time is inevitably spread thinly. That’s one of the reasons we developed our timber frame demo day.

We know there’s a lot to take in when it comes to self-building with timber frame so we created an opportunity to share as much of our knowledge and experience as we could squeeze into a whole day. Why? Because it’s important to us that self-builders are able to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right structural system.

We were excited to launch our first self-build timber frame demo day on 4th May at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon in partnership with Carpenter Oak. Over 50 participants joined us for a full day of seminars and live demos which took a deep dive into self-building with timber frame and aimed to arm attendees with top tips to ensure project success.

Our programme covered everything from the different types of timber frame construction to getting to grips with the costs. Content also included timber frame design, value engineering, longevity, and understanding how timber frame suppliers vary.

Feedback from those who joined us on the day was reassuringly positive. The course was “highly recommended” by Krys U who described it as “a day well spent listening to and talking with highly qualified individuals who have every-day hands-on experience in the timber frame self-build industry.” Similarly, Rebecca F concluded that the “event is an absolute must for any self-builder or project manager not familiar with timber frame.”

It’s not unusual to find those who are new to self-build drowning in information. How many brochures, leaflets and magazines do you have piled up? How many web pages do you have bookmarked? Through our educational events, we aim to help you quickly sift the information you’ve gathered into the kind of knowledge that will set you on a path to self-building with confidence.

Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars overall and with more positive comments like those above, we’ve already started thinking ahead to our next demo day. If you’d like to increase your understanding of timber frame by joining us, you can express interest in attending by emailing We are also keen to discover more about the topics you’d enjoy hearing about (as long as they are related to timber frame self-build!), so please let us know. You can find the programme agenda for our previous event here.

In the meantime, happy knowledge gathering!

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