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Saltire Scholar Internship

Through its Saltire Scholar internship programme Entrepreneurial Scotland’s mission is to “find, fuel and spark the next generation of leaders for Scotland.” At Fleming Homes, as we are always on the lookout for talented individuals with a growth mindset and a passion for learning, so it made perfect sense to see what ES’s programme had to offer. And we weren’t disappointed. In return for providing a meaningful 12-week paid work placement during the summer of 2022, we gained some fresh new perspectives from a scholar who added a new dynamism to our team and who enabled us to recognise the true value of partnering with ES on growing our talent pipeline. Here’s Camilla Laing, our 2022 Saltire Scholar, on her experience of working at Fleming Homes…

Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself at the start of the journey?

At the beginning of my internship with Fleming Homes, I wanted to enjoy working with people face-to-face and be part of a team. I wanted to gain new skills and experience while improving my communication skills as well as my ability to create a coherent design process. Fleming Homes helped me to achieve all of my goals and much more. I’ve analysed research, created design proposals, presented findings, and evaluated concepts, all while working in a sociable and welcoming work environment.

What major milestones did you achieve? What did you gain, and what did you learn?

I had the experience of presenting my findings in a portfolio that compared my data to designs. This taught me how to create a product from various stakeholder perspectives. I also experienced hosting a webinar with Edinburgh Napier University to showcase some of my personal product development experiences which were peer-reviewed and discussed. This helped me to truly evaluate products realistically, so I didn’t get caught up in my own assumptions.

What impact have you had on Fleming Homes?

I’ve helped the team to see product options with a set of fresh eyes. My experience in developing products that anyone can understand has been pivotal in creating guides for the end-user. I’ve had to assess the client’s needs as well as the needs of the business to develop a product that is sustainable and economically viable.

Has the internship helped change or shape your future? Are your future goals now different?

My internship enabled me to improve many skills and has made me realise how important a healthy working environment is. I was able to grow as a person as well as gain industry experience. I’ve seen sustainability become more of a topic as I’ve grown up and I feel that I finally got the chance to contribute in a small way towards solving the global challenge of climate change.

What’s next for you, based on this experience?

I’m back to university to finish my degree. I will be approaching my final year with some of the project management skills I’ve learned this summer, e.g., by establishing my end goals and methods of getting there.

Would you recommend the Saltire Scholar Internship programme, and why?

I truly recommend the Saltire Scholar Internship programme because it created an opportunity for me to gain experience within a company that is aligned with my needs and wants, that has gone beyond my expectations and taught me a lot about industry and about myself. You have the chance to establish your skills and build yourself to be a leader. Having a face-to-face experience is completely different from a remote position, especially when your workplace is such a friendly and welcoming environment.

What three aspects of the programme will stay with you for life?

1. Explaining your design process effectively is just as important as the information you find
2. Having great people in a workplace is incredibly valuable to your day-to-day life
3. Work is about making progress in industry as well as for yourself


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