NaCSBA’s Custom and Self Build Conference

Nacsba Custom and Self Build Conference

We are delighted to announce our headline sponsorship of NaCSBA’s first ever Custom and Self Build Conference.

On Tuesday 1st November key representatives from across the industry including land promoters, SME builders, custom build enablers, planners, and wider stakeholders will come together to share insights on industry growth and policy roadblocks, and look ahead to the future.

NaCSBA’s mission “to make custom and self-build a mainstream choice for all those seeking a home of their own” aligns perfectly with Fleming Homes’ own Why, Mission, Vision, and Values. Our mission is to deliver value in every customer interaction with the aim of making self-build more straightforward giving more would-be self-builders the confidence to take the plunge. Similar to NaCSBA, our vision is for self-build to be the norm rather than the exception.

A YouGov survey commissioned by the Building Societies Association and NaCSBA found that approximately one-third of people surveyed were interested in building their own home. Of those, 9% said they were ‘very likely’ to do so in the future. Love them or hate them, lifestyle TV programming like Grand Designs and Building the Dream have helped to popularise custom and self-building as an option, but there is still a long way to go to normalise it.

With around 15,000 self-build or custom build homes completed each year in the UK, there is clearly latent demand. Especially when you consider how prevalent self-build is in other countries (in Austria 80% of homes are self-built). There are huge benefits to self-building (which has shed the DIY overtones and is often more project management than hands-on construction) including greater choice, higher quality homes, building in energy efficiency and high thermal performance, as well as creating value through the process.

NaCSBA has been instrumental in lobbying to break down some of the biggest hurdles to getting started which include #1 access to land and #2 planning. Both of these factors represent significant barriers to self and custom builders, each one making it hard to get off the starting blocks. While NaCSBA has made significant gains there is still work to do, and the forthcoming conference will help coalesce industry support in the right places.

While NaCSBA is operating at a governmental level to improve the outlook and opportunities for self-builders and the industry, Fleming Homes are focusing on tackling the steep learning curve that self-builders face. We are continuing to develop and invest in high-quality resources designed to equip prospective self and custom builders with the information needed to build their confidence.

With the market facing enhanced challenges around the cost-of-living crisis, interest rate rises, and the aftermath of the “mini-budget,” we are proud supporters of an event that will bring the industry together to focus on key themes, trends, and strategies.

For more information about NaCSBA’s inaugural Custom and Self Build Conference

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