NSBRC Building Systems Workshop


5 Reasons why attending the NSBRC Building Systems Workshop matters more than you think!

Choosing the build method for your self-build home is one of the most fundamental questions you must answer at the start of your project. However, it can also be a tricky question to tackle if you need to become more familiar with the many available options.

Several influencing factors will shape your decision-making, including your plot and priorities for your build; however, confidence is the one consistent for all self-builders. Therefore, you will be looking for a system that delivers confidence; after all, the structural integrity of your new home is paramount.

How can attending the workshop help build your confidence in choosing the right system?

Everything in one place

You’ll have access to various structural systems providers throughout a full day of seminars and talks. After briefly looking at the many options available across the UK today, you can dive deeper into ICF, timber frame, masonry, Passivhaus, and ecological construction methods. Experts are also on hand to talk about designing for specific systems and the design considerations to be aware of when integrating renewable technologies.

Learning journey

With hundreds of suppliers under one roof, the centre is an excellent one-stop shop for self-builders at every journey stage. Self-builders starting on a project can face a steep learning curve and the workshop’s ‘New Build Educational Journey’ offers a guided tour through six life-sized exhibits demonstrating a self-build project’s main phases. It’s a chance to discover more about groundworks, foundations and floors, walls and structures, external options, roofing, and more. Places are limited, so sign up early on arrival.

The people behind the companies

Designing, specifying, constructing, and building the structure of your home takes time. You will need to collaborate with your chosen supplier at multiple points. They will require information from you, and you will undoubtedly have many questions. Feeling comfortable that you can work with a company is an integral part of the decision-making process. The workshop offers the chance to meet some of the people behind the companies face to face, which will help provide an early steer on which companies to engage with further.

Question time

The opportunity exists to put your questions to a panel of experts from various build system companies. If you want to compare the pros and cons of different construction methods, you can ask your key questions, hear them discussed and debated, and compare the answers.

Edge closer to a decision

The workshop introduces the different build systems; for some attendees, it will clarify the advantages of one method over another. For others, the information on hand may help cement their final decision. To paraphrase Voltaire, you are judged not on what you say but on the questions you ask. Ultimately the NSBRC Building Systems Workshop is the perfect opportunity to start honing your question list for potential suppliers to uncover which build system is right for you.

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